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Professional Mining Security in South Africa

As such a vital component of the economy, we understand the need for world class mining security in South Africa – and Peaceforce is up to the challenge! From development and strategy to implementation and management, we provide end-to-end mining security services our clients can depend on.

Our proactive and progressive approach sets us apart from other mining security companies, and allows us to offer the best possible protection for your valuable mining elements and equipment. Peaceforce’s comprehensive mining security services include highly trained security guards on the ground, as well as the very latest technological solutions.   

Complete Mining Security Solutions

We understand that every site is different, which is why we create a custom mining security strategy for each location. Providing exceptional customer service is one of our cornerstone values. That extends to our highly trained mining security officers, each of whom is trained in the specific requirements for the site they serve.    

Our Mining Security Services Include:

Additional Services:

  • Access Control
  • Intercom Systems
  • Perimeter Protecion

Specialised Mining Security Services
and HR facilities:

  • Criminal Checks
  • Polygraph Testing and Profiling
  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Loss Control Management
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Management

Benefits Offered by Peaceforce Security for Mines

Peaceforce extends a range of additional services to our commercial and industrial clients which other mining security companies simply can’t. These include:

  • A Dedicated Mining Security Client Service Manager
  • Site-Specific Training
  • Dedicated 24-hr Control Room
  • Regular Management Visits
  • Investigations & Undercover agents

Most of all, our mining security services offer you peace of mind that your employees, equipment, and property are secure. Get in touch today.  


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