Let our skilled Team Fog your space!


COVID-19 has changed the way people and business will view hygiene and sanitation in the workplace.  One of the directives stipulates measures that must be taken by employers in order to protect the health and safety of workers and members of the public who enter their premises to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus.

One of the fundamental principles in these regulations is providing a hygienic and sanitary working environment. Fogging is the most effective method of completely sanitizing and environment. This not only kills the Corona virus but also kills common microorganisms. Regular sanitizing of premises will, in addition to assisting in the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19, assist in the prevention of commonly transmitted disease-causing microorganisms. This will assist in keeping a healthy workforce.

During the fogging process, as the fog emerges from the machine it immediately rises and slowly sinks as it cools. Brownian motion ensures the product contacts each and every surface from the ceiling to the floor. The product leaves no residue on any surface. The area which has been fogged is available to be used within 30 minutes after fogging. 

Our use of the biodegradable, food safe, non-toxic chemicals, can effectively sanitize any environment. The fog is completely safe to use in areas where there are electronics.

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