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Commercial Security Services in South Africa

Large or small, Peaceforce keeps your commercial, retail, office, or corporate facilities safe and secure. Whether you operate a small store or a high-rise corporate office building, our commercial security experts will assess all the potential risks, and craft a custom security strategy that meets all your needs.

Our retail and commercial security services incorporate both visible guards to act as a deterrent against crime, as well as cutting edge technology, sensors, access control, security cameras and alarm systems to protect your premises 24/7.

Our Commercial Security Services Include:

The security needs for a retail outlet or chain are slightly different from other commercial facilities, as the risk of theft or damage to your goods is more pronounced. For these clients, we offer a range of retail security solutions aimed at loss and robbery prevention, each tailored to your unique environment and profile.

Over and above their normal training, our retail security guards are also trained in the apprehension and prosecuting of shoplifters, while remaining polite and helpful to your customers.

Our Commercial Security Services Include:

Technical Services:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV Installations
  • Intercom Systems
  • 24-hour off-site CCTV monitoring / 24-hour on-site CCTV monitoring
  • Perimeter Protection
  • CCTV systems and remote surveillance cameras


  • Armed and unarmed security officers
  • Dog Handlers
  • Access to our Guard on Call service (Emergency casual guards available and posted within a few hours)
  • Investigations

Specialised Services:

  • Criminal Checks (AFISwitch)
  • Polygraph Testing and Profiling
  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Loss Control Management
  • Risk assessments and Risk Management
  • Investigations and undercover agents

Commercial Security Benefits Provided by Peaceforce:

  • Dedicated Client Service Manager
  • Specific Training
  • Dedicated 24-hr Control Room
  • Management Visits
  • Investigations & Undercover agents

Commercial security guards:

More than just a security officer, we understand that the guards we provide for our Blue-Chip and corporate clients need to be brand ambassadors. All our officers are trained to be highly professional when greeting your visitors. Unlike many other commercial security companies, we are also able to offer computer literate security officers to double as receptionists.   

If you’re looking for the best commercial security solutions in South Africa, then reach out to Peaceforce today.

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