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Banking Security Services by Peaceforce

Tasked with protecting your clients’ most valuable assets, Peaceforce understands how seriously financial institutions take bank security. Aside from ensuring you’re covered in the worst-case scenario, bank security systems that are clearly strong and robust are a major deterrent to would-be criminals.  

We help you strike the perfect balance between a formidable security presence to discourage criminals, while also creating a safe and comfortable space for your customers and workers. Our world class bank security guards are specially trained to be courteous towards your clients, while remaining alert, vigilant, and on the lookout for suspicious behaviour.    

Our Bank Security Solutions

Peaceforce takes a multifaceted approach to bank security. This includes a combination of the very latest, state of the art technologies, as well as highly trained guards and security officers.


Technical Services:

Specialised Bank Security Services:

Security Benefits Provided by Peaceforce

As with all our security services, we create a customised plan and strategy for every client, and for each individual location. Part of our bank security protocol includes regular visits from a member of our senior management team for quality control.

We at Peaceforce take the safety and security of your employees, customers, and their valuable assets as seriously as you do! Get in touch for a free consultation today.

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