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Security Guards

Usually, the mere presence of unarmed security guards is enough to deter would-be criminals. There are occasions, however, when armed response security is called for. These might include when highly valuable items need to be safeguarded, or when an armed escort is required for an executive or VIP.

Please be aware that Peaceforce only deploys armed guards and security officers when specifically requested by a client. If you are uncertain whether you need an armed response or not, we can assist with a comprehensive site, risk, and needs assessment.

Both our unarmed and armed response officers are fully committed to safeguarding your premises, people, and possessions. Apart from receiving extensive weapons training, all our officers are well versed in de-escalation and conflict resolution tactics. We believe the best armed response outcome is a peaceful one! 

Our Armed Security Includes:

Additional Armed Security Services

Peaceforce prides ourselves on offering a wide range of protection which sets us apart from other armed response security companies in South Africa. Some of the additional armed security services we provide include:

Non-Lethal Weapons

Metal Detectors

Your safety is our number one priority! Get in touch today to find out more.

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