Stage 2 went much better and I feel like I performed well – so much so that I had to wait for my dad on some of the massive climbs.

The route started out with some mild ascents that tested our fragile legs. It was fairly easy going for the first 60km, where the real climbing started and didn’t stop till 90km. A 19-degree climb that lasted for about 600m was thrown in at 85km, just to round the day off.

My dad says he’s incredibly proud of me – for taking this race head on –  it truly isn’t for the faint hearted!

This was awesome (and super rare) – we had 100% matching heart rates. One of the highlights of the day definitely included meeting multiple world champ, Nino Shurter. Shurter and his teammate, Lars Forster, won both Stage 1 and 2!

Today’s Stage is this beast 😅 We are feeling good – onward and upward we go (literally)!

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