An unfortunate but unavoidable reality in South Africa is that businesses are often the target of crime – most notably, theft. While some businesses, like jewelry stores or electronics dealers, are under greater threat, the truth is that any business can be the target of crime. Offices contain computers, workshops contain tools and machinery, and corner shops contain food and convenience supplies; plus, there is always the cash register.

Because of this, businesses should consider hiring security guards, whether they are armed or unarmed. While there is always the risk of potentially being a target for crime, the presence of a security guard is a helpful deterrent. But there are many more reasons why security guards are an excellent investment for small businesses. Here are a few:


They improve efficiency

It might be hard to imagine, but the addition of a security guard could improve your business’s productivity and revenue generation. The safety that security guards provide goes a long way to improving your employees’ morale. It is far more difficult to work under conditions that you might consider dangerous. Thus, a feeling of safety will improve your staff’s ability to operate. Furthermore, customers will appreciate the safety measures you have taken and will be far more willing to venture into your store than they would be if it were not guarded.


They deter crime

As mentioned, the very presence of a security guard is an excellent crime deterrent. Criminals prefer the path of least resistance, and thus will target unguarded shops and businesses before they look at attempting to rob a guarded business. A security officer is just another factor that is standing between criminals and their objectives, which means they do wonders for crime prevention just by being visible.


They provide active crime prevention

There are various levels of crime prevention that security guards provide. Some guards are simply required to report crime to the police, while others actively fight crime. Armed security guards should be highly trained and able to apprehend and detain offenders, even under mortal threat. The type of business that you have and the type of security necessary for your business should determine which type of security you require.


They can monitor video surveillance

Not all security guards physically patrol areas. The use of video surveillance is often more effective, as it covers more ground at once. Some guards specialise in this form of security, as well as opening and closing a business’s doors. This takes a great deal of pressure off the business owner.


These factors are just a few of the many benefits that hiring security officers for your company. Contact Peaceforce Security Group today for a quote on our armed and unarmed security guard services and protect your business today.