In South Africa, an electric fence is a relatively low-maintenance, yet highly effective way to deter criminals. But, should this not be a suitable solution for you, there are various other methods that can prevent intruders from climbing your walls.

Of course, some methods are better than others, particularly if the thieves in question come prepared. But there are some fairly simple solutions when it comes to keeping undesired visitors on the outside of your fence. Here is a look at a few alternatives to electric fencing:


Vicious climbing plants

Thorny creepers are excellent tools for protecting your walls. If the thorns are thick enough, they can be more effective than razor wire. In addition to this, even if a would-be intruder were to brave the thorns, creepers can’t support a great deal of weight. This would mean that the intruder would, most likely, end up crashing to the ground in a thorny tangle, still on the wrong side of your wall.

The only downside is that, if you have a wooden fence, maintenance is difficult when it is covered in thorns. So, before deciding on this solution, treat your fence against rot and wood-boring insects.


Razor Wire

The successor to barbed wire, razor wire is far more difficult to conquer and is thus a more effective deterrent. The frequency of the snags makes this particular form of protection almost impenetrable to the casual burglar. However, should the intruder be prepared, and arrive with a thick blanket or wire cutters, it is possible to get through razor wire.


Glass Shards

Pieces of broken glass set in concrete certainly make it difficult for an unprepared thief to cross over a wall. This solution is simple, yet very effective, even if it isn’t the prettiest option. The only weakness inherent in this form of security is its lack of height. Unfortunately, a burglar with a hammer and a rubber mat could make it over a wall lined with glass shards quite easily.


These alternatives are excellent deterrents and will most likely actively keep many intruders away. However, electric fencing has a failsafe in that, should the wires of the fence be cut, the property’s alarm system will be activated and your security company will be notified. In terms of a back-up plan, this is unrivaled, and so this type of security remains the optimum option.