Load shedding is, unfortunately, something that South Africans have to deal with across the country. Here are some effective tips on how to make your home safer for during load shedding.


Check your alarm regularly

This you should be doing even without power cuts. It’s important to remain on top of your residential security throughout the year, so remember to check your system. When you do, remember to give your security provider a call and let them know that you are testing.

While you are at it, ask your security provider to service your alarm. The end of the year is the best time to do this as many people go away on holiday; there is no point in leaving your house alarm armed if it’s not working correctly. We advise residents to service their alarms at least once a year.


Install solar-powered lights

A well-lit garden is an excellent deterrent for criminals, which is one of the reasons why load shedding makes you an easier target. A few advantageously placed solar-powered lights, such as at your entrance, can make a world of difference to your residential security. And they’re not too costly either, which makes them super attractive.


Invest in a backup battery

Most gates these days have a backup battery, but if yours doesn’t, it is wise to invest in one. Getting out of your car in the dark to open the gate is an extremely high-risk action, as this presents the kind of opportunity that hijackers thrive on.


Keep a torch in your car

If you do get home and you don’t have a backup battery on your gate or it has run dead, a torch in your car will come in handy to open the gate and to navigate your way through the garden to the front door.