Is the cost of a high-tech security system beyond your means? Sure, you may use the services of a security officer, but there are additional ways to keep safe without the cost. Consider these low-cost options to keep your home safe.


Don’t Showboat

Refrain from leaving certain things outside or lying around the yard in plain sight. This will lure thieves onto your property. Take a walk around your house or apartment and see what’s visible. For instance, if there are some valuable items that can be seen when the curtains are open, think about moving them to a different area in the room.


Get yourself a dog

The aim here is to distract the burglar, so the bark is more important than the bite. The last thing a burglar wants is to hear loud, continuous barking because that will alert the homeowners and the neighbours that something is not right.


Trick them with lighting

It’s rare for burglars to enter a home with lights on. Have a timer for your lights to be switched on and off, or use solar-powered lights for the main entrances to your house. This will make burglars think twice about attempting to steal from you.


Know your neighbourhood

Burglars watch a neighbourhood for a while before robbing it. They will know when you leave for work, when you come back, which routes you take, etc. Make sure you know your neighbours. Talk to them about watching each other’s houses when the other isn’t home.


Consider changing the locks

If you have just moved into a new house or apartment, it might be a good idea to change all the locks. This will ensure that you are the only key-holder.


Don’t leave the key in an obvious place

It may seem like a great idea to hide the spare key on top of the door frame or under the doormat in case of emergencies, but those are just two of the usual places burglars will search. Rather ask to leave the key with a neighbour.


Your safety should always be your top priority, regardless of whether you live in an apartment, a stand-alone house, or even in an apartment complex with a doorman or security officer. You need to be aware and alert at all times of any safety issues in and around your home.