Commercial Security Services

The Peaceforce Security Group has been providing security services in commercial environs for 31 years and currently secures the front line of many Blue Chip Clients. In most instances the first person that your client will have interaction with is not a well groomed and trained receptionist. The first point of contact will more than likely be a Security Guard.

It is therefore of utmost importance that this security officer portrays the professional image of your company as well as ours. It is with this in mind that The Peaceforce Security Group provides well trained, professional security personnel to portray this “concierge” service in addition to the standard security requirement.

We also provide some of our Blue Chip clients with computer literate security personnel to fulfill a Reception function. These security officers have great public relation skills and will definitely be an asset to your organization.

Our manned guarding services also extend to Industrial premises where we provide guards in the following environs:

  •     Warehousing
  •     Mining
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Foundries
  •     Construction Areas