South Africa’s Most Comprehensive Security Services

Throughout the nation, the name of Peaceforce is immediately recognised by those with a concern for quality security services, as a symbol of excellence. Protecting the lives of the country’s citizens and their property is not just a job to our highly-trained and experienced security officers, but a sincere commitment to do everything in their power and still to go the extra mile to ensure that they meet these crucial needs. There are not many security companies in South Africa that offer this kind of security service.

The reputation of Peaceforce is the envy of many rival security companies in South Africa and is one that is built on a foundation of proven success. That success is directly attributable to the skills and knowledge of our security officers, backed by the innovative application of the latest advances in the technology developed for use in this increasingly specialised field.

Unlike many of our competitors, Peaceforce offers a full range of security services from routine residential protection to fulfilling the more stringent needs that are typical of the commercial and industrial sectors. In addition we have extensive experience in banking security and its rather unique requirements for security officers that are able to interact professionally and courteously with the bank’s clients who, nevertheless, may constitute a potential threat to the bank’s security and who thus will require skilled surveillance. Among our other security services is the protection of mines, of which there is a great need in South Africa.

Whatever your business and the nature of the risks to which it may be exposed, we are able to offer you a solution that is both affordable and that will guarantee your peace of mind. Peaceforce, with branches in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, is a comprehensive security services provider with 30 years of experience and the first choice for many of the country’s most prestigious security companies.